Sell yourself, your products and services

When you give a presentation you will need to sell your ideas, products, services, vision, creed, concept and yourself. You can apply these 7 laws to a business presentation or a sales presentation.

More than 85 percent of customers have a negative view of all salespeople.

Because 85% of all sales people are amateurs without the required training and feedback to have them ever reach professional incomes.

The amount of time or effort as a sales person does not make you a professional, only your training does! Here are 7 Laws of Sales Success that should be mastered.

Law #1: Be Proud

Untrained and unprofessional sales people waste customers’ time and don’t provide them with an opportunity to do something positive. Dress like you’re proud, act like you’re proud, and be the most positive person your customer will ever meet.

Law #2: See the Sale

Customers don’t make sales, the sales person does. If you leave it up to the customer, nothing will happen. You must see the sale before it actually takes place. You have to know that you can get the sale done and see the customer owning your product and going to the register or into ownership with you. If you don’t see it, it will not happen.

Law #3: Be Sold on Your Offer

This is the most important of all sales. I know sales people that sell products they don’t even own. How can you do this and expect to sell your products? If you sell a certain mattress, phone, projector, insurance or whatever, then own it! If you won’t pay for it, YOU aren’t sold on it! Write a list of ‘why’s’ people should own your products and why they are worth the investment.

Law #4: Determine the Value Proposition

Forget about trying to “sell” your product or service without first knowing what it is your customer values. What you think is great about your product means nothing. Find out what’s of value to them. What would you have to see that would cause you to take action?

Law #5: Assume the Sale

All actions and communication should move toward a sale and ownership. Act and speak as though a sale will be made and assume your buyer will make a decision. “When you take delivery…”, “When we ship it out…”, “Upon installation this is what will happen…”

Law #6: Double Dollar Tester

If the product or service you sell is $10,000, make sure you double that value through your demonstration of the product. No one spends $10,000 on something that’s worth $10,000. They only spend that much when they believe they’re getting something of value in excess of what they’re spending. Optimise your presentation so that people can’t live without your offer and make that sale.

Law #7: Always go for the Close

Until a transaction is closed, you have provided no value to your client. Most sales people never attempt to close once, much less persist enough times to get the sale. Being able to handle all the stalls and objections that surface is what determines whether you will be successful or not! Most sales people say they need help how to close the deal.

Great sales people are not born. They learn new ways to impress their customers and they practice, drill, and rehearse until they KNOW how to handle every type of buyer and every type of situation.

Take the first step to becoming the top sales person and practice these 7 Laws of Sales Success.

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