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Why businesses invest in sales training

Your sales team is your biggest asset. It is, for most companies, the single biggest source of your company’s revenue. For those who do not focus on, invest in, and sharpen the skills of their sales team is a huge mistake that can be costing thousands and even millions of dollars in lost revenue. Studies show that more than 55% of sales people have never had any type of formal training. As a matter of fact, most sales people have learned what they call “sales” from on the job training. This is a scary statistic. Imagine going to a surgeon who was self-taught. The truth is that many companies solely rely on sales people who are unskilled.

psychology behind sales

There is a psychology behind sales, because we always sell to human beings. Your staff’s sales skills and their ability to connect, influence and persuade will give your business the advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Business sales today is no longer about a quick cold call, setting up meetings or a few Power Point slides. It’s a whole new game and to stay ahead you and your staff would benefit from being empowered with the latest sales skills delivered through our in-house business sales courses.

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trevor Ambrose

At the end you’ll be able to

  • Have confidence, techniques and a positive mindset to sell like true professionals.
  • Explain your products and services in a compelling way to increase desire to buy.
  • Be seen as a trustworthy solution consultants and not a fast talking salesman.
  • Handle various objections and connect with customers that build strong rapport.
  • Differentiate your business and its value proposition.
  • Have best world class selling techniques they can use in any business interaction..

What you’ll learn

  • How to build instant rapport with prospects, customers and clients.
  • Why price is almost never the issue and how not to sell on price.
  • Get more highly qualified prospects and set more appointments.
  • The 4 different buyers and how to avoid 2 of them that waste time.
  • How to flush out your limiting mindsets that stops you from selling.
  • Increasing sales success with persuasive presenting skills.
  • The four main personality groups and how to sell and talk to each one.
  • How to overcome customer objections and keep the sale progressing.
  • Gain agreement and close more sales more frequently.
  • Overcome customer scepticism and make the sale.
  • Negotiate better deals and build strong customer relationships.
  • Techniques to ask the right questions and how to listen.
  • Proven step-by-step systems any person can use.
  • And more than 50 practical sales techniques

Pre – training briefing

Every business is unique and therefore we guaranteed a quality, customized personalized service for your business. Your team will complete an online questionnaire to help us tailor the training and we will have a telephone or face  to face meeting to discuss specific outcomes and requirements.


After the training every attendee can complete an anonymous electronic evaluation form. The results will be shared with the person who arranged the training. This will give you honest and transparent feedback of the training.

group size

Normal group size is 4 – 16.  A larger group can be accommodated.


1 Day Sales Mastery Skills or
2 Days Peak Performance Selling


All training material will be supplied.


We can come to you anywhere in Australia and Internationally.

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Trevor Ambrose is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever had the opportunity to listen to.  After the training he presented to both my sales team and my distributor network, I have come to the conclusion that if a manager wants to expose the individuals in their organization tasked with the responsibility of generating sales to a trainer who possesses “top of the list” skills, there is no better individual than Trevor to entrust this responsibility to.

His knowledge, speaking skills, understanding of the secrets to success and dynamic personality set him apart from all others.  Trevor Ambrose is truly in a class by himself and your only regret in using him with your organization, is that you didn’t give him enough time on your agenda.

XF Australia & Performance Feeds
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Alexandra Kiorgaard (Founder)

It worked a treat! We were able to sell the key points, and tell a story, using the techniques you trained.

The best moment I had was when the heads were nodding!

Great work Trevor! – Appreciated it!

Top Shelf Concepts
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Patrick Howlett (Principal)

I presented in Singapore last week and it was very well received. Members of my staff in attendance were very impressed by the delivery of my presentation.

Thanks again for your great assistance.

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Ben Roberts-Smith VC

    This is an organisation that achieves excellence, I have personally worked with Trevor Ambrose on a number of occasions and have found his dedication, professionalism and passion absolutely outstanding.
    This is an organisation that delivers, I wholeheartedly recommend Trevor Ambrose for upstanding values and results.  He provided me with the insight and direction that enabled my future development and success.
    Trevor will get you to were you should be, number one


Victoria Cross for Australia
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Rob "Waldo" Waldman

As a professional speaker and a recent inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame, I’ve worked with over a dozen coaches to hone and refine my craft over the years. After recently sharing the platform with Trevor and listening to his coaching and tips to improve one’s speaking skills, I have to say I was extremely impressed.

Trevor not only is an insightful and gifted communicator, but he has a special ability to read people and get to the core of what is holding them back. I watched him mesmerise an audience of 1,000 people, but more importantly, I also watched him mesmerise me! Personal, friendly, and extremely bright, Trevor is as professional and relationship focused as they come

Hall of Fame Speaker, CSP, MBA, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author