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Personal, practical, proven

Working in a small group, your team will gain a huge range of techniques and personal direct feedback how they present.   Whether your team needs to improve their pitching, give compelling presentations, persuade others or improve day-to-day communications, we will customise the training to create the right course for your team.


  • Improve presentation and communication skills internally and with clients.
  • Structure your reasoning into a clear and strong argument.
  • Build instant rapport and trust to advance to the next step.
  • Present your ideas, products and services with confidence, clarity and conviction.

This course is ideal for

  • Anyone in businesses who needs to speak, pitch and present with confidence.
  • Business people who need to improve their communication and presentation skills.
  • Companies looking for a fully customised presentation training course.
  • Directors, Executives, Leaders, Managers, Sales People and General Staff.

Why train?

  • Company meetings are more effective and focused, saving time and money.
  • Project your business brand and image in an professional manner.
  • More contracts will be won and company sales will increase.
  • Customer service improves as a result of professional communication skills.
  • Impress clients and prospects with structured proposals and presentations.
  • Improve overall communication skills to avoid miscommunication.

After the training

  • You team will be more confident and ready to speak anywhere.
  • Connect with clients and deliver your business presentations professionally.
  • Be clear in their communication and avoid miss communication.
  • Build instant rapport and trust with clients, customers and prospects.
  • Present their ideas, products and recommendations with confidence.
  • Be able to put a presentation together quickly and accurately.
  • Have the best tools, tips and techniques to speak and present.

What you’ll learn

  • How to speak and present with confidence and settle any nerves.
  • Start your speech, pitch and presentation with immediate impact.
  • Deliver presentations that will connect with your customers and prospects.
  • Put presentations together faster, easier and customer focused.
  • Tempo, volume and pace to sound in control and confident.
  • Increasing sales success with professional persuasive presentations.
  • Answer customers’ questions on the spot in a structured step by step method.
  • Body language skills that projects self-assurance to your audience.
  • How to engage your audience and build strong rapport.
  • Explain your business’ products and services that raises desire and credibility.
  • World class PowerPoint tips and techniques to be memorable.
  • And any additional points you want us to tailor for your specific needs

We will customise the presentation training courses for your team’s specific needs.  We will arrange a face to face or phone meeting to discuss all the main points that must be covered.   We will also ask participants to complete an online questionnaire to express their needs.

Training can be conducted at your location, at your convenience and at your preferred date.  Travelling is not a problem as training is conducted Australia wide and Internationally.   We pride ourselves to be flexible and accommodating to all our customers.


The 1 day presentation training course covers all the fundamental foundation skills to present with confidence and impact in a professional and clear manner.


The 2 day presentation training course covers the 1 day course plus more in depth skills to be more persuasive, influential and dynamic. The course will have more time for practical application and the most popular option.

Get Help From an Expert

Trevor Ambrose know what it takes when you have to give a speech, pitch or presentation.  He struggled with the fear of public speaking for 12 years.  He decided to do something about it.  He studied a degree in Business Psychology and Sociology to understand what is holding people back.  He then analysed the world’s top speakers and found fundamental principals that makes them great presenters. Your team will learn all these top tips and techniques, and can apply them immediately after the training.

Trevor is an author, international speaker and coach. With over 10 years of experience as a professional speaker, coach and mentor to international companies, high profile individuals and teams around the globe. Your team will learn and deliver worlds class presentations from an experienced professional.

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