Inner and Outer Game Video

To be highly successful, you need to have a strong inner and outer game in life. This will build you up, improve your skill and your level of confidence.

Yes, you will face setbacks, failures and make mistakes on your journey to becoming successful. Like they say: “every master was once a disaster.” Having a strong inner game will help you to push your outer game.

If you feel stuck at this point with public speaking or sales, revisit your inner game’s messages and

staff to communicate to yourself what is possible and what are your positive facts.

To be successful takes focus, courage and determination to succeed. This can only happen when you have a strong positive belief in what you do.

When I ask people in the training to write down their positive facts why they can do a presentation or close a sale.  People struggle to write down five positive facts. If I ask people write down what you are not good at, people always ask for more paper. It easy to see our negatives and what we are not good at.

If you can’t see your positive facts, ask a good friend or somebody who can tell you what you are good at. People normally minimise their strengths even see it as a strength. Know your facts know your strengths and stay focused. This will ultimately boost your inner game.

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