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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past decade we had various specific requests from organisations, corporations, businesses, institutes and individuals.   We therefore always strive to be flexible and accommodating to all our customers.

Some asked us for coaching, mentoring, training  as a group or individual to help with projects, presentations and sales.

Fill out the form below or give us a call to see how we can customise and help with your special request.

Yes, Trevor will customize the material and integrate the information you provide, such as your industry’s jargon, your theme, and the major points you want stressed.

We will email you a form to complete regarding the speaking engagement to help Trevor tailor the speech for your attendees.  We will also arrange a telephone and/or face to face meeting if possible to discuss the event and main points.

Complete the form below to enquire how Trevor can make your next event successful.

Yes, we encourage attendees to complete an anonymous electronic evaluation form.  All the results will be shared with the main decision maker.

Attendees will have the option to express their honest views and recommendations for the training. We always aim to be as transparent as possible to all our clients.

We only work with a hand full of people at any give time to help write their speech, pitch or presentation. We will need to ask you various questions to assist us to understand what you want to achieve.

To assist and reduce cost we ask that you write most of the content and be clear on your objective.  We will guide, tweak and refine your speech, pitch or presentation to be professional and achieve the main outcome

Complete our contact form at the bottom with as much information and one of our experts will be in contact with you.

We all want instant results. If you are a seasoned speaker and you are tweaking your presentation, then yes you will have immediate results. You will learn all the principals to structure, prepare and deliver like professional speakers.

If you are not a seasoned speaker it will take longer. It’s like learning to drive a manual car. You need to understand the principals and apply them regularly. Some speakers who put in the effort after the training see a big leap forward in their speaking and presenting skills in as little as 4 weeks.

The principals and techniques we teach are simple and easy to understand, but you need to focus during your day to day interactions to apply them consciously and accurately to experience the impact and results.

The normal training times are from 9am – 5pm. We have a 20 minute morning and afternoon tea break and a 30 minute lunch break.

Some companies ask for an early start to accommodate their work schedule. We pride our self to be a flexible company that always try to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. An example was when we coached the Federal Police Force, they asked to start at 6am, and we delivered.

Before the training we will discuss all the learning objectives and expectations with the decision maker. It’s important to know exactly what training needs the delegates have and what training they have had previously. We then tailor the training specifically for the group’s level and experience.

Our trainers are also able to read their audience, on the day, and are experienced to change the content and delivery when necessary, to make sure the delegates get both what they want and need from the training. We encourage delegates during the day to ask a lot of questions so we can address their questions on the spot.

To develop a high performance team, it is recommended to build momentum through training  –> practice –> apply –> re-training. Every industry and group has different levels of expertise and demands, so it’s tough to put a time frame when re-training is necessary.

Most organisations space the training 3 or 6 months apart to apply the techniques and note issues they are facing to discuss them at the refresher training or next level training day

Contact us below to see how we can schedule a training program for your team and how you can capitalise on bulk booking discount.

Most companies testify that their team experienced some or all of the following after the training:

  • Boost in team bonding and moral
  • Their spirits are lifted and motivated
  • Better knowledge of different departments (people giving presentations during the training)
  • They have a unified message for their customers
  • Increase in product knowledge from other participants, especially the new staff
  • Resolved miss conceptions about their own company, products and services.

As a seasoned speaker, any audience size from 10 – 10,000 people will be comfortably and professionally addressed.

Tell us about your conference and we will help you make your next event a huge success.

Yes. Trevor can deliver a keynote and then a breakout session or two on totally different subjects. At some conferences where Trevor is speaking, they arrange a breakout session to either do a Q&A where participants ask questions and Trevor answer them on the spot or he does a quick training session on a particular topic.

At some conferences Trevor will address the board of directors in a small meeting room and then speak to the entire conference.

Combining speaking programs and engagements will be a benefit to your audience and cost effectiveness.

Yes, we can combine modules from different courses to create a customized package for your team. For example some companies combine the presentation skills course with the sales training course to give a more in depth understanding.

By filling in the form below can give us more clarity what you are looking for and we can tailor the training for your team.