Be Authentic, be yourself

People with great presentation skills know that a large part of engaging the audience is simply being you. For some reason, many people think that once you get up to speak, you’ve got to take on an entirely new persona. You have to be an entirely different person at the front of the room because you’re speaking to a group.

After coaching thousands of people over the past decade you see people who are stiff, uncomfortable and just not themselves. Their body actually starts to go into shock because they are trying to be someone who they are not. We all have this made-up belief that we should be perfect, poised and professional.

There is nothing wrong wanting to strive to be better at speaking as long as you are not becoming someone that is not you. When you are authentic, real and yourself you will be more relaxed and have engaging conversations with your audience. Your body will not go into shock and let you down. Be yourself, be real and be great.

The more spontaneous you can be, the less “practised” you seem, the more likely you will come across as the genuine person you are and the more impact you will have on your audience. Even in sales, relax, listen and be genuine to your customers.

Most people don’t feel uncomfortable talking one-on-one. Similarly, when you have a discussion with somebody about what’s going on at work, you don’t prepare for it for three or four hours ahead of time or with a written down set of points, and a practised set of words. Typically so long as you are passionate and knowledgeable about a subject you’ll have plenty to say.

Sure there are techniques, tips and secrets that great communicators use that make them sound, look and come across as experts. You can learn these techniques in our updated public speaking and presentation skills courses. The one thing that you should always be in front of your audience and clients is yourself.

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