Trevor Ambrose struggled with his fear of public speaking for over 12 years until he decided to do something about it.  He studied a business degree in Psychology and Sociology.  Since 2006 Trevor Ambrose coached, mentored and trained over tens of thousands of businesses, groups and individuals locally in Australia and internationally.


All the principals and techniques are based on years of research, psychology and robust test and measure.  Trevor has refined the techniques so that they can be applied by novices and seasoned business experts immediately after the training.

Trevor Ambrose’s mission is to double the impact of 10,000 presenters, sales people and speakers in the next two years.

Because he truly understands that people’s presenting and selling ability has a direct correlation to the opportunities they will be exposed to in business and personal situations.

The goal is to give businesses and private people practical and actionable tools, tips and techniques that give them a leap forward in their personal development. This is not up in the air ideas or concepts that sound good on paper but are impossible to execute, tough to understand and that are just plain ineffective.

Trevor believes in simple, powerful and effective principals and techniques that work.



ACHIEVEMENT:  “aim, act and accomplish”

COURAGE:  “the state of mind to step forward”

EMPOWERED:  “equipped with knowledge and skill”

NEVER GIVE UP:  “whatever it takes”


These values drive our behaviour and approach and are our main driving force.